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The college offers a good foundation in sound basic Biblical doctrines and concepts with special emphasis on the grace of God and the believer’s right standing with Him through faith in the finished work of Christ. It is our goal to prepare and equip men and women with a unique blend of the teaching of God’s word and practical “on the job training” in such a way that those trained will be forever changed and transformed, be able to train and change others with the life – giving truths they receive from God’s word (2 Tim. 2:2).


Each term consist of ten modules taught by various very experience international reputable instructors. Each modules is made up of eight lessons of 50 minutes duration.

First Year Curriculum include:

  1. A sure foundation 1 & 11
  2. Basics of Righteousness 1 & 11
  3. The Holy Spirit 1 & 11
  4. Bible Covenants 1 & 11
  5. Introduction to the Bible
  6. The Heart of the Gospel
  7. In Christ Realities

Second Year Curriculum include:

  1. Relationship with God 1 – V
  2. Old Testament survey 1 – 111
  3. Galatians
  4. Basic Bible Doctrines
  5. First John
  6. Finally my Brethren
  7. The Beatitudes

Third Year Curriculum include:

  1. Receiving from God 1 –V
  2. Old Testament survey 1V –V1
  3. Your Home can survive
  4. Ministry of Jesus 1 and 11
  5. Romans
  6. Divine Healing

Fourth Year Curriculum include:

  1. Faith, Love and Goodness of God
  2. Israel, God’s people
  3. Faith builders
  4. Maturing into the full stature of Christ
  5. Practicals
  6. etc.

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